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One Of 70+ Electrical Switchboards Manufactured For Education Victoria

Manufacture of Control Panels and Mechanical Services Switchboards

Control & Design can provide custom build MSSB’s and control Panels to any size. We have the expertise to firstly design and engineer any project, provide AutoCAD drawings of the boards and then manufacture. Each board is tested in our factory before it leaves to go to site. At tendering stage we can also provide a drawing showing what we would provide. Most Boards we can turn around in 4-6 weeks. Control & Design have been building boards since it started in March 1999 and Roger has been in the industry for over 30 years.

MIMS Junction Box - Pyrotenax
Junction Boxes

MIMS Junction Boxes and modifications

C&D can provide the answers to modifying MIMS cables. If you have a project that requires an existing switchboard to be moved or replaced and there are MIMS cables that need to be joined and new fire rated cables extended, we can provide MIMS Junction Boxes that can join the MIMS cables.

Electrical Schematics Design & Drafting Capabilities of Control & Design Bendigo
Electrical Schematics

AutoCAD Drafting of Electrical Schematics

C&D can provide electrical schematics of complex wiring diagrams for submission to consultants. We provide cubicle drawings as well as Analogue or DDC control drawings if required.

See AutoCad Electrical Schematics Page
Siemens DDC control solution - Bull St CHWS
DDC Programming & Engineering

DDC Programming & Engineering

Control & Design offer engineering for contractors to provide Siemens & Innotech DDC Direct Digital Control (DDC) programming.

From Design & Drafting
BMS & Automation

Building Management Systems (BMS) & Automation

We have extensive expertise and experience in the design, installation & configuration of Building Management Systems (BMSs).

Custom build distribution pillars
Distribution Pillars

Distribution Pillars

At our manufacturing facility in Bendigo, Central VIC, we fabricate and custom manufacture Distribution Pillars